fredag 30. juli 2010

Down the hill

 My sister on her way home from the beach.
Marielyst, DK 2010

onsdag 28. juli 2010

tirsdag 27. juli 2010

Sunset straw

Sunset at the beach, a beautiful evening in Marielyst 2010

Nå har jeg registrert meg på Bloggurat.

I adore you, you crazy, gorgeous, wonderful (but also sometimes quite weird - but still very lovely) person

To a friend on her birthday today. A little inspired by True blood...

Vintage photo

Browsing trough blogs today, I totally fell in love with this vintage photo posted by ..  Viewing this photo, - friendship, sister bonding, stories told, past relatives, summers, favourite movie scenes, vacations and travelling are some things that comes to mind ... It symbolizes what I believe what pictures is all about.. recalling memories, future dreams and the feelings attattached to them. I am very happy to own some vintage photos myself, treasures that have belonged to my grandmother. I have them framed in the livingroom making sure their story never will be forgotten.

mandag 19. juli 2010

lørdag 17. juli 2010

lørdag 10. juli 2010

Summer feelings