onsdag 25. august 2010

søndag 22. august 2010


Portrait shooting on impuls during a sunday roadtrip

torsdag 12. august 2010

A summer`s day

This week I took some familypictures for friends. These are two in the series.

onsdag 11. august 2010

hide in the wind

 So run honey run, hide in the wind
                                      And never stop to look inside your mind

(Morcheeba ~ Run Honey Run) 

Marielyst, Denmark 2010

torsdag 5. august 2010


I found it in my garden ! I don`t know about you, but where I come from this means good luck ! I don`t know the english word for it, do you ?
*update: A deviant at the community Deviantart.com gave me the answer, it`s a four leaf clover !

tirsdag 3. august 2010

songs about oceans

Singing to an ocean, I can hear the ocean's roar
Play for free, play for me and play a whole lot more, more

Waves roll in my thoughts 
Hold tight the ring...
The sea will rise...
Please stand by the shore...
Oh, oh, oh, I will be...
I will be there once more...

Marielyst beach, Denmark July 2010

Jessica Klingelfuss

Tonight I am searching the web for some inspiration on a hairdressing competition coming up this fall... (Will tell more about this later).
I found Jessica Klingelfuss AMAZING portofolio... !!  www.jessicaklingelfuss.com/portfolio 
I love love love her works ! Conceptual, fashionable and unique ! 

mandag 2. august 2010

The days roll by like thunder like a storm that's never breaking

Photos from one my favourite walks this summer... Beautiful evenings by the beach in Denmark.

Shutter speed fun

So this is my first try on photographing water with a tripod and low shutterspeed.
1/2 second

Marielyst, Denmark 2010